One Hour Cash Loans

The main advantage of a payday loan is that it is not secured on anything and if you can't afford to pay it back then you don't lose any property. This makes it some people's first choice. It is also usually a fairly cheap way of borrowing, if you consider the actual cash amount you repay instead of the APR.

Need a 30 day loan? Loans for such a short period of time are popular among those who need a fairly small amount of cash to tide them over till payday. As this is a popular market, a specialist type of loan has grown to suit this need? the 'payday loan'.

A cash loan is a great way of borrowing really urgently. You should be able to get the money in hours, especially if you apply on a weekday. Again all the usual criteria apply, just like with a personal and secured loan. Remember, the risk behind such a loan - if you think you cant repay it on time, your interest payments will pretty much double in no time. You can borrow from a hundred pounds to over a thousand sometimes.

This is the loan available to the widest audience - you must be over 18, a UK resident, in some form of employment, and you do not need to be a homeowner. It is much easier to get approval for a payday loan compared to a personal loan, as there is less documentation required. Rates are typically in the high hundreds APR. If you want an even smaller amount than £1000 you will find the rate goes up a little, as the lender won't make much profit off you for the amount of effort they go through.

The maximum period you can borrow over with a personal loan is 5 years. So this might be pushing the boundaries of what you consider long term. But it's a good, quick way to borrow money at a great APR, typically only bettered by a mortgage. You can borrow up to £25,000 this way.

The money from a payday loan can be with you in hours; with a secured or personal loan it can take days or weeks. The APR will be much higher with a payday loan, but because you pay it back over a short period, the actual cash amount you repay is low compared to other types of loan. Personal and secured loans are typically paid back over a period between 6 months and 25 years. This means your monthly payments will be low, but you end up paying back a lot of interest.

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